When inequality and hostility immobilize you at your workplace you need professional help. I found myself in that position, alone, afraid and uncertain of how to proceed. I contacted LAMBDA and they gave me the name of Elisa Stewart. From that point forward my life turned for the better. From 3, 000 miles away this woman came here to protect and defend my rights, like the Calvary. She provided me ...

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Stewart & Musell, LLP is a premier employment law firm in San Francisco that has nearly 30 years of collective litigation experience. Our San Francisco employment attorneys draw from extensive hands-on experience and legal knowledge to help both private and public employees through difficult legal matters relating to their workplaces and / or jobs. Our highly skilled legal team is dedicated to righting the wrongs that have been committed against employees throughout California.

Protecting the Civil Rights of Employees Throughout California

Our San Francisco employment discrimination lawyers have compassion for individuals whose rights have been violated in the workplace. We take great pride in leading our clients through their legal battles and making their voices heard. If your rights have been compromised in the workplace, we can aggressively pursue legal action so that justice is properly served. As experienced trial attorneys who have represented clients at all stages of their cases in state and federal courts, we can help you through any of the following employment law matters:

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We have successfully prosecuted civil cases against state and federal agencies, as well as against private corporate employers. We passionately represent each of our clients and are proud of our standards of excellence. Since we are constantly pursuing the ultimate goal of obtaining justice on behalf of our clients, we have secured monetary damages, full retirement benefits, and mandatory changes to unsafe workplace conditions for past clients. Ultimately, we defend our clients' rights fiercely so that their return to work is a smooth transition and they can perform their jobs without the worry of retaliation.

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We represent both public and private employees, which is a rarity in our area of practice. Our attorneys have significant experience representing employees in arbitration and administrative law hearings. We practice on behalf of all employees and strive to seek justice and safeguard their civil rights. With nearly three decades of combined legal experience, we are in an optimal position to fight for your rights after you have been discriminated or retaliated against in your workplace.

From representing individual complaints to large class actions, our San Francisco employment lawyers represent each client aggressively and compassionately. We know how vulnerable you can feel after being discriminated against or being harassed in an environment that is supposed to be secure and safe. If you are ready to take action against a current or former employer who has violated your rights, contact Stewart & Musell, LLP to schedule a consultation today!


If you work or worked for Ghilotti Brothers, Inc. ("GBI") as a non-exempt Laborer at a construction site, yard, or loading area at any time from June 27, 2008 through October 4, 2013, you may be entitled to money through the settlement in Jose Ramirez, et al. v. Ghilotti Bros., Inc., et al., N.D. Cal. Case No. C-12-4590-CRB. For more information, please contact the Settlement Administrator, Simpluris, or counsel for the Plaintiffs, Gay Crosthwait Grunfeld, at 415-433-6830, or Wendy E. Musell at 415-593-0083.

Corte Aprueba Preliminarmente la Reconciliación en el caso de Ghilotti Brothers Inc.

Juez Charles Breyer del Distrito de Estados Unidos ha concedido una aprueba preliminarmente de la reconciliación en el caso de Ramirez v. Ghilotti Bros., Inc., Caso No. C-12-4590-CRB en nombre de la clase que consiste de obradores por Ghilotti Brothers, Inc. desde junio de 2008 hasta al presente. La corte también aprobó preliminarmente una orden requiriendo que Ghilotti toma nota de las horas trabajadas por los obradores y que les den descansos. Si usted trabaja o trabajó por Ghilotti Brothers, Inc. ("GBI") como un obrador "non-exempt" en un sitio de construcción, yarda, o área de cargar en cualquier tiempo entre el 27 de junio de 2008 hasta el 4 de octubre de 2013, usted puede tener derecho a dinero a través de la reconciliación de Jose Ramirez, et al. v. Ghilotti Bros., Inc., et al., N.D. Cal. Caso No. C-12-4590-CRB. Para más información, por favor llame a las abogadas de los demandantes, Gay Crosthwait Grunfeld, al 415-433-6830, o Wendy E. Musell al 415-593-0083.