Elisa has tremendous litigation skills, is extremely dedicated with integrity to match. Elisa walked us through the whole (at times overwhelming) process with much patience and understanding. She answered our questions on weekends and no matter how trivial, always with our best interests at heart. This firm is definitely not intimidated by the size of the agency they are suing.

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Stewart & Musell, LLP is a premier employment law firm in San Francisco that has nearly 30 years of collective litigation experience. Our attorneys draw from extensive hands-on experience and legal knowledge to help both private and public employees through difficult legal matters relating to their workplaces or jobs. Our highly skilled employment attorneys are dedicated to righting the wrongs that have been committed against employees throughout California.

Whether you are a public or private employee, we are here to stand up for your rights.
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Our San Francisco employment law attorneys take aggressive and effective action on behalf of employees throughout the bay area. If you think you may have a claim, or if your rights as an employee have been compromised, speak with our firm right away. We are here to make sure your story is heard.

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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." – Martin Luther King

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When inequality, discrimination, or hostility completely restrains you from accomplishing your work, excelling at your career, or exercising your civil rights, you will need professional help. Our qualified, experienced, and compassionate employment lawyers are here to listen to your story.

Feeling alone, afraid, or uncertain about how to proceed with your current employment law matter? You are not alone in your battle.

Clients come to Stewart & Musell after they have found themselves in a position they never could have imagined. We have had the privilege of advocating on behalf of countless employees throughout Northern California and we are ready to take action on your behalf.

Below is just a brief sampling of testimonials from our former clients:

  • "They say bigger is better, but I watched a small, personal firm take on one of the largest employment firms in my area with conviction, determination, and success."Group of employees
  • "While other firms seemed most interested in whether winning a case would be a 'sure thing,' Stewart & Musell seemed to value the ethical importance of confronting discrimination."
  • "I was pleased with how I was treated, how my experiences were legitimized, how my case was fought, and with the outcome. Highly recommended!"
  • "She completely understands employment troubles that everyday working people face, and knows exactly how to proceed and address them. It is obvious that she believes in the work she does."

We Are Constantly Demanding Higher Standards in the Employment World!

We have successfully prosecuted civil cases against state and federal agencies, as well as against private corporate employers. We passionately represent each of our clients and are proud of our standards of excellence – and we have established a legacy of providing this degree of world-class representation.

Because we are constantly pursuing the ultimate goal of obtaining justice on behalf of our clients, we have secured monetary damages, full retirement benefits, and mandatory changes to unsafe workplace conditions for past clients. Ultimately, as practiced San Francisco employment lawyers, we defend our clients' rights fiercely so their return to work is a smooth transition and they can perform their jobs without the worry of retaliation.

Protecting the Civil Rights of Employees Throughout California

Our team is made up of experienced trial attorneys who have represented clients in both state and federal courts. We can help you through any of the following employment law matters:

Our San Francisco employment attorneys have compassion for individuals whose rights have been violated in the workplace. We take great pride in leading our clients through their legal battles and making their voices heard. If your rights have been violated in the workplace, we can aggressively pursue legal action so justice is properly served.

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We represent both public and private employees, which is a rarity in our area of practice. Our employment attorneys have significant experience representing employees in arbitration and administrative law hearings. We practice on behalf of all employees and strive to seek justice and safeguard their civil rights. With nearly three decades of combined legal experience, we are in an optimal position to fight for your rights after you have been discriminated or retaliated against in the workplace.

From representing individual complaints to large class actions, our San Francisco employment lawyers represent each client aggressively and compassionately. We know how vulnerable you can feel after being discriminated against or being harassed in an environment that is supposed to be secure and safe.

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