“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

- Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

When inequality and hostility immobilize you at your workplace you need professional help. I found myself in that position, alone, afraid and uncertain of how to proceed. I contacted LAMBDA and they gave me the name of Elisa Stewart. From that point forward, my life turned for the better. From 3,000 miles away this woman came here to protect and defend my rights, like the Calvary. She provided me ...

About Attorney Elisa J. Stewart

Fighting for Employee Rights in San Francisco for 19+ Years

Elisa Stewart is a partner at the civil rights law firm Stewart & Musell, LLP, a bi-coastal law firm located in San Francisco, California, and Freehold, New Jersey. Stewart & Musell, LLP is a firm devoted to protecting civil rights in employment and in criminal law.

She handles a wide range of cases, including:


Ms. Stewart is committed to representing employees in public and private employment and protecting their civil rights. In 1999, Ms. Stewart began her career representing indigent defendants in the criminal justice system in Brockton, Massachusetts. As a new lawyer, she handled a serious felony case load ensuring that constitutional rights were preserved no matter the nature of the offense. If the shield of law fails to provide protection to any one person, it fails us all.

In 2003, Ms. Stewart appeared before the United States Supreme Court in Stogner v. California (2003) 539 U.S. 607, a case that tested the power of the state to revive criminal cases for prosecution long after the statute of limitations had passed. The defendant was charged with crimes that had occurred as many as 50 years after the fact. In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote agreed with the defendant's attorneys that the State could not prosecute a person after the statute of limitations had run its course. After this success, Ms. Stewart stepped out into private practice and opened her firm in San Francisco, California.

Founding Stewart & Musell

Attorney Stewart began representing individuals in cases all over the State. In 2006, she opened a firm in New Jersey and joined her practice with a law school colleague: Attorney Wendy Musell. Cases that the firm has prosecuted on behalf of employees have been featured widely in the news and in print media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Network, and the Wall Street Journal.

If you or someone you know is dealing with an employment law matter, contact Stewart & Musell today. Let them put nearly 30 years of collective litigation experience to work on your behalf! Ms. Stewart is licensed to practice in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. She is currently a member of the American Bar Association, the National Employment Lawyer's and the San Francisco Bar Association.

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