“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

- Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

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Unfair Labor Practices by Employers

Thousands of claims are filed each year regarding unfair labor practices and even more issues go unreported by employees in the workplace. While many individuals look forward to going to work each day, others dread walking in the door because they are treated poorly while on the clock. Our firm is presented with questions all the time about employment practices. What if I didn't get paid for working overtime? Am I entitled to sick leave?

Below, you'll find valuable information detailing unfair labor practices, what employers are forbidden from doing under the law, and how to protect yourself in the face of discriminatory treatment. Knowledge is power, so read on to avoid falling prey to disreputable practices.

How Labor Laws Affect Your Job

California upholds a number of laws that keep working conditions running smoothly throughout the state. Unfortunately, it's not always a guarantee that employers will abide by the terms and conditions laid out in said laws.

Some of the most pressing subjects related to unfair labor practices include:

Almost every area has its own specific law that governs how your employer is supposed to handle your employment. In an effort to stay informed, it is helpful to know what should, and should not, be taking place while on the job.

The following issues are all related to an employer's behavior:

  • Employers with 20+ employees are not allowed to disenfranchise older workers
  • Based on your circumstances, you could be entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave
  • Employers are banned from acting out of retaliation when an employee files a complaint
  • Any kind of sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace
  • Employees are entitled to receiving at least California's minimum wage for any work performed
  • Discrimination of almost any kind is forbidden, such as age, race, or disability

If you have been treated unfairly, or experienced any of the negative practices detailed above, your claim should not go unreported. At Stewart & Musell, LLP, we can ensure that your rights are protected and put an end to unfair labor practices while on the job.

Make today the last day that you stay silent about unfair labor practices and workplace harassment. Call our San Francisco employment lawyer to schedule your confidential consultation.