“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

- Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

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Under both California and federal law, it is illegal for an employer to base any employment decisions on the age of an employee. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, signed in 1967, is a federal anti-discrimination law preventing employers with more than 20 employees from using any tactic to disenfranchise older workers.

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California's own Fair Employment and Housing Act restricts employers of five or more people from using hiring tactics or workplace discrimination to target older workers.Do you suspect an employer of using unfair tactics to prevent older workers from remaining in the workplace? You have a right to employment that should not be taken away by the discriminatory business practices of an employer.

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What Counts as Age Discrimination?

There are some ways that an employer can be guilty of acting in a discriminatory manner, though they may not seem so obvious. These actions can negatively impact their older employees, forcing them out of a job and with serious bills on their plate. Whether subtle or obvious, employers that discriminate based on age can be held liable for these actions.

Common ways that employers discriminate based on age include:

  • Posting a job description that targets employees of a certain age range
  • Asking about an employee's age on the application or interview
  • Preventing older workers from receiving training available to younger workers
  • Denying an older worker a promotion but hiring a younger employee for the position
  • Creating a hostile environment for older employees
  • Encouraging older workers to quit
  • Implementing a layoff that affects mostly older workers
  • Demoting an older worker in favor of a younger employee

Age-motivated discrimination is more common than you may think and is illegal under both state and federal law. Our San Francisco age discrimination attorneys can compile the evidence necessary to show that the actions of the employer worked to disenfranchise their older workers and use this to take action on your behalf.

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