“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

- Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Stewart & Musell made all the difference in my wrongful termination case. From the very start they were respectful and compassionate where other prospective firms, to say the least, were not. They heeded my input, and I heeded theirs, and together we settled the matter for more than 10 times the original “nuisance value” offer. My rights would have been worth almost nothing without their ...

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According to the United States Department of Commerce, more than 20 million Americans work for federal, state, or local governments. Known as the public sector, this specific part of the economy is consists of dedicated police officers, fire fighters, public school teachers, public works and health services employees, city and county financers, and other city employees. These public employees are protected under a number of federal and state regulations, including the following:

  • The National Labor Relations Act
  • Meyers Milias Brown Act
  • The Educational Employment Relations Act
  • The Higher Education Employment Relations Act
  • The Dills Act (also known as the State Employer-Employee Relations Act)

If you feel as though your basic rights as a public employee have been violated or that you have been discriminated against, you should consult a skilled San Francisco public employer attorney from Stewart & Musell, LLP. We have nearly 30 years of combined legal experience representing public employees in both state and federal courts. We can use our comprehensive knowledge of the law to defend your rights after unlawful discrimination. We present your grievances individually or collectively.

We are Dedicated to Protecting Public Workers Throughout California

If your basic rights as a public employee have been violated, our labor lawyers in San Francisco can represent you to the fullest extent! We can investigate possible grievances, determine if your employer committed unfair labor practices, and gather the evidence to prove that your rights have been violated. In addition, we have experience representing our clients through meetings, arbitrations, negotiations, and if necessary, litigation. We take your rights seriously and we can make sure that your employer plays by the rules so that you aren't retaliated against for standing up for yourself.

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We know how important your job is to you. Your job is your primary source of income that directly funds food, shelter, and basic needs for you and your family. Putting your job at potential risk could cause you to hesitate before taking action against an employer who has violated your rights, but when you take action, you can help not only yourself but also other employees subjected to the same unlawful treatment.

Do you need to take action against an employer who has discriminated against you or violated your rights? Contact our public employee attorneys in San Francisco to get started.