When I considered pursuing my case, I spoke with several law firms. None approached my situation with the professionalism and understanding of Stewart and Musell, LLP. While other firms seemed most interested in whether winning my case would be a “sure thing,” Stewart and Musell, LLP seemed to value the ethical importance of confronting discrimination. Ms. Stewart confronted an intimidating ...

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Stewart & Musell, LLP is experienced in all types of employment law matters. Together, we have more than 30 years of experience helping individuals in their employment legal issues. When your job is on the line, you need the knowledge and expertise of our team by your side. The San Francisco employment law attorneys at our firm are well known in the community and in the legal field. Several times, our lawyers have been quoted in news articles and some cases of ours have been in the news. Some of the news articles that focus on work that our firm has done are linked below. If you are in need of representation in a case involving employment discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation or any type of employee wage or hour claims, we can help. Get started today by calling us at (415) 275-3051 or you can fill out an online initial consultation form.

  • Wendy Musell of Stewart & Musell, LLP is currently representing a sexual harassment victim who was terminated from the Army after filing a sexual harassment complaint about her training supervisor. The Army has paid the victim $820,000 in settlements.
  • Wendy Musell of Stewart & Musell, LLP spoke at the most recent Alameda Bar County Association 6th Annual Employment Law Symposium to discuss the Ethics of Investigation and Information Gathering in Employment Lawsuits. Musell and her fellow panelists discussed the best ways to ensure ethical investigations, evidence preservation, and evidence gathering methods.
  • Attorney Wendy Musell comments on the issue of 'volunteers' at the Oscar's, saying "Particularly in California, a volunteer means an individual who performs work for a civic, charitable or humanitarian reason. The fact that they're not-for-profit doesn't mean that they get a free reign to not pay individuals if they're actually performing work. That's only the first enquiry." Are seat-fillers truly volunteers? Read the article to learn more.
    How hundreds of volunteers could sue the Oscar Academy under wage-and-hour law
  • Stewart & Musell, LLP filed a complaint against Pacifica School District employment. The employee in the case has been allegedly subjected to unwarranted discipline, age-based discrimination and harassment. Learn about the case and the causes of action involved.
    Trial scheduled this week for PSD employment, food service issues
  • Attorney Musell represented several clients who sued the parks department. She stated that top officials at the parks department were notified that tens of millions of dollars were hidden months before the $54 million slush fund was revealed in newspaper headlines. She then said "When they hear there is unlawful conduct of this level, they are required to take action; that action did not occur." Read more about the case.
    California Parks Whistleblower Says He was Ignored

  • Read about a case where a deliveryman filed a lawsuit against the Pacifica School District accusing it of knowingly serving expired food. He was retaliated against after he raised his concerns and is now suing the district. Two news stories have been written about this issue:
    Article 1: Whistleblower Charges Pacifica School District With Serving Expiring Food
    Article 2: Whistleblower Charges Pacifica School District With Serving Expiring Food
  • A state parks and recreation department employee complained about her supervisor bragging about her sex life. The employee said that "She wanted to know who I was sleeping with, and she would often and very publically talk about her sexual relationship with the men who worked there." This goes further, the employee also said "If I did not share with her about my personal life and private life, she would affect my career." The employee ended up being fired after she took medical leave. She got her job back but the employer stayed on the job. Attorney Musell now represents this employee and several other women in harassment lawsuits against the state, read more about this specific case.
    Parks and Rec Employee Claims Supervisor Sexually Harassed Her

  • Trabajadores de Construcción Logran Victoria Contra Empresa
  • Employment lawyer Wendy Musell discusses an issue with a Christian employer who has a longstanding conduct policy requiring sexual abstinence for all single employees and faithfulness within the Biblical covenant of marriage between a man and a woman. Attorney Musell says that in the eyes of the law, it's unlikely that a proactive application of such a policy would be acceptable. She added. "Asking an employee about their sexual activity and sex life, I cannot think of a time that would be appropriate." Read more on this issue.
    The Christian Employer That Tells Its Staff When They May or May Not have Sex