“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

- Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Wendy Musell, of Stewart and Musell in San Francisco, is an outstanding and distinguished attorney. She is forthright, principled and highly skilled. Ms. Musell was unwavering and relentless in pursuit of equity and justice for me. She was totally committed to my case, in command of every aspect and detail, and she will not be intimidated. She completely understands employment troubles that ...

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Benefits of Hiring Our San Francisco Employment Attorneys

When you retain Stewart & Musell, LLP, all we do is work for your behalf. Our highly experienced San Francisco employment attorneys founded our law firm on strong values, tradition, and ethics. Today, our firm still adheres to our founding beliefs by aggressively advocating for the civil rights of our clients on a day-to-day basis. With nearly 30 years of collective legal experience, our passion and resilience in the courtroom has only become stronger! The outcome of our efforts has been satisfied clients, proven case results, and excellent representation on behalf of private and public employees throughout California.

Our Skilled Trial Attorneys Aren't Afraid to Go the Distance for You!

When you need to go trial, we can be trusted to fight hard for you. We have handled a wide range of complex civil trial cases, and as a former deputy public defender, Attorney Elisa J. Stewart has handled nearly 400 juvenile matters. Our legal team has secured satisfactory results in court on behalf of clients, and has handled pivotal cases, including the following:

  • Stogner v. California (2003)
  • People v. J.U.
  • Springer v. Simcock

Passionate Representation for Every Client

Since the beginning of our practice, we have made it our personal and professional agenda to stick by our clients when they need us most. We know how daunting it can be to deal with matters involving employment law, especially when your financial lifeline may be at risk. Many Americans rely on their jobs to provide the financial means to support their families and supply food, shelter, and basic needs.

With the future of your job potentially on the line, you will want to make certain that you hire the best possible San Francisco employment discrimination lawyer. This is why Stewart & Musell, LLP is dedicated to protecting and fighting for our clients' rights. To this day, we remain a law firm that cares deeply about the well-being of each our clients and about the success of every single case, regardless of whether it goes to trial or not.

Our Representative Cases

Our case results and unsurpassed industry accomplishments speak for themselves. Additionally, Attorney Wendy E. Musell has spoken on numerous occasions regarding employment discrimination and employment law. Attorney Musell has had a significant impact on the employment law field through her work with the following:

  • Member of the National Employment Lawyer's Association
  • Member of the Bay Area Lawyer's For Individual Freedom
  • Member of the San Francisco Bar Association
  • Member of the California Employment Lawyers
  • Continuing Legal Education Instructor for the State Bar of California
  • Providing Continuing Legal Education lectures on disability and employment-related topics
  • Speaker at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Technical Assistance Program on "Disability: Avoid Top Ten Mistakes"
  • Guest speaker at the University of San Francisco's School of Law and Golden Gate University School of Law

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Although we are experienced trial attorneys who have represented clients at all stages of federal and state courts, we have also represented clients through arbitration and administrative hearings. Our versatility is a great advantage for many of our clients; our clients do not feel as though they are being forced into acting in a way that could cause them harm, result in more lawsuits, or cost them more money. With this approach, we can efficiently resolve our clients' issues with minimum risk. Our clients know how valuable this can be, and other lawyers know that we go the distance to fight for our clients' rights.

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